Capital Business Builder is a portfolio of businesses with the mission of helping motivated business owners find, fund and perform the work that will transform their businesses, their lives, perhaps even the world.

A three part engagement that begins with the very best in organizational and individual performance diagnostic instruments to assess where areas for reinforcement or development appear is followed by both proven processes that have found success in leading corporations and processes created for the unique challenges and advantages of that business are applied over a year to develop habits that will lead to consistently and dramatically improved results in financial health, market growth, customer committment and reduction of costs and waste.   The final part of the engagement is the complete capital program to fund the transformation or expansion of the business.   In short we determine the best way to dramatically improve your business, ensure before we leave that you have, from your leadership to the lowest level the habits to achieve and sustain that improvement and help you pay for it along the way.

For Professional Performance Assessments and Development

Check out LeaderShipShape for resources we use, references and contact information to arrange your complimentary coaching session.

For Funding Options

Check out Emerging Growth Funding for those who are seeking equity partners.
Check out our lending partners at the Finance Store.